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Primary level
Primary school, or Prep school if your child is going to an Independent School, is where the foundations for your child’s education are laid down. From the basic building blocks of the subjects, through to the habits that students need to develop before carrying on to harder topics and higher levels, this is where a child takes their first steps towards their dreams and ambitions.

However at this stage children are also learning how to form friendships, building self-confidence, independence and the personal and social skills they will need in life. It is all too easy for a child to start to struggle to learn these fundamental concepts, which will have a knock on effect throughout their school career. At this point in time they may need a helping hand to make sure their learning is on track and that they can move on to the next level of their education with the self-confidence and knowledge they require.

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At the end of year 6, the final year of primary school, most children in England and Wales take an exam. For those in an education system based on the tripartite system of Secondary Modern and Grammar schools it will be the 11+, also for those progressing to independent schools, many require students to take and score well on the 11+ exam.

The exams are based around four subjects, English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning. The English portion is normally a comprehension based question, followed by punctuation and grammar assessments, the Maths will cover the basic topics your child should be well versed in, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, along with fractions, decimals and percentages, shape and area, measurement and time, money and basic graphs. Verbal reasoning may include odd one out style questions, letter and number sequences, codes and order questions, anagrams and word endings and beginnings, whilst Non Verbal reasoning are based around patterns, number and shape.

These sort of questions are frequently outside of the normal types of exam questions your child might have done before. Tuition can test your child in mock exam conditions, and target the support your child needs. Sign up now and start talking to one of our skilled tutors. It’s free to get started and you can contact our tutors to make sure they are the best match for you and your child.

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Common Entrance
Often sat at the end of the final year of primary school aged 11 or at 13, this set of exams covers the core subjects of English, Maths and Science, along with a range of optional papers including French, Geography, German, Greek, History, Latin, Mandarin, Religious Studies and Spanish. Most independent senior schools expect Geography, History, Religious Studies and at least one language. This can be difficult if your child has attended a school that doesn’t offer all of these subjects, or hasn’t prepared your child for these sort of exams. Private tuition can provide the learning and support your child needs to succeed and compete in these highly competitive tests.

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The first 3 years of High School or Senior School cover the Key Stage 3 syllabus. This forms the basis for the GCSE exams that students will complete in the final years of high school. Students will study the widest range of subjects of their school career, and so may struggle. This range is to allow them to take any of the options offered at GCSE, even though they won’t take them all.

If students struggle in any area they may be advised not to take the subject, or if it is a core subject then they may only be allowed to take Foundation level. Meaning they won’t be able to continue this subject through to A-Level. Tuition can provide the support and guidance they need to reach their full potential. At KS3 many tutors specialise in one subject, or they may be qualified in a number of areas and able to give more generalised help. Register now it’s simple to get started and you can be talking to local tutors who can support your child as they grow educationally and begin to choose the subjects that will define their careers.

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In the final 2 years of High School or Senior School students sit a series of exams, General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE). Some schools expect students to sit 14 or 15 exams, even though recently chief examiners are advising students only take 8 subjects to allow them to have a more rounded education, including extracurricular activities and work experience. For schools and teachers working to achieve targets set and school league table places these extra exams are vital, for any child these extra exams can be too much. If a child has slipped behind at KS3 or even during the GCSE period they can feel that educationally is it all over. But tuition has proven results, improving grades, or even supporting the entire syllabus. There are few jobs out there available to people without GCSEs and good colleges are asking for higher and higher grades for entry.

Sign up now and start talking to our tutors about the support and teaching that your child needs. We all need a helping hand now and then, and in this critical period children up and down the country will be having private tuition to improve their grades and give them the best start on the career path, whatever direction that takes them.

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Further Education was until recently an optional part of a student’s progression, however recent reforms mean that students have to continue in education until the year they turn 17. Meaning that some form of studying, either A-Levels, BTEC, Apprenticeships or similar is now a part of compulsory education.

A-Levels are seen as the hardest point of studying, and there is some truth in this. To complete a university degree it is normal to have to take a variety of subjects that they student may have little or no interest or aptitude. Once they have passed this hurdle they will normally be studying a subject they have a genuine interest in, with a much narrower field of study. As a young adult they have left school behind and are now expected to be more proactive in their education, as well as completing the required extra-curricular activities and work experience needed for university. It’s no wonder all too many start to struggle and lose the confidence in their abilities needed to do well in their exams. Tuition can provide the teaching and learning support they need outside of the classroom and cover topics that they may never have encountered before, allowing them to achieve their full potential and go on to their first choice of university. Register now to start discussing what your young adult needs to complete these two very tough years. Registration is fast and free and you can start chatting to our tutors straight away.

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