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Personal Message

I am a Qualified Teacher (QTS and Med in Education) with 5+ years' experience in education. Inspiring children to fulfil their potential and achieve the very best of themselves was primarily the reason why I decided to pursue a career as a teacher. From being a private tutor to undertaking teaching and pastoral support jobs, my passion for education makes me keen to support pupils’ both personal and professional development. I specialise in Classics (BA with Distinction) and I have a deep understanding of the Ancient and Modern Greek Civilisation, Literature and Language too. Being originally from Greece and having a genuine interest in ancient and modern literature, languages and civilization, I can effectively transmit my subject expertise to my students. I can also speak fluently Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin and French, as I have studied in the Sorbonne University of Paris. I am someone who has a calm, encouraging and positive manner, who can communicate sensitively and appropriately with the students. I am an outdoor-enthusiast and someone passionate for lifelong learning, keen on any potential training and personal development opportunities.

Whats your Teaching / tutoring experience

5+ years

What your tutoring approach?

I consider myself as a learning facilitator who enables students to become independent learners and achieve the very best of themselves. Building up trust and rapport with the learners and inspire them in every possible way is something that I take pride in.

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English, French




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