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Government’s flagship free schools accused of allowing ‘stealth selection’ as they fail to admit poorest kids

Free schools have been accused of “cherry-picking” bright and wealthy pupils after a major study found that even those established in deprived areas are failing to admit the neediest children.

The research suggests that free schools – which former Education Secretary Michael Gove insisted would raise the prospects of disadvantaged communities – are in fact socially selective.

It appears to support claims that free schools, which can be set up by parents and are free of local buy cialis authority control, are dominated by children of the “pushy” middle-classes. The authors of the study, by  London University’s Institute of Education, say their findings will be “disappointing” for the Government. It is the first academic study to look at the intake of all the primary and secondary schools set up in the first three years after free schools were given the green light.

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