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An unlikely opponent of exams league tables emerged today With the head of Britain’s top public school mounting an attack on the Government’s approach to measuring the success of education The exam system is “unimaginative” and “archaic.” And simply measuring exam results “can be misleading” according to Tony Little, the headmaster of Eton, which counts Prime Minister David Cameron and Prince pharmacy no rx Harry among its alumni. He claims the education system is failing to prepare schoolchildren for adulthood, being based on an approach to exams “little changed from Victorian times, which obliges students to sit alone at their desks in preparation for a world in which, for much of the time, they will need to work collaboratively.”   Read full exam league article 
Oxford and Cambridge argue that current tuition fees do not cover costs, according to MP David Willets Oxford and Cambridge universities could charge tuition fees of up to £16,000 a year in return for taking on student loan debtsunder plans being considered for the Conservative Party manifesto, according to the former higher education minister. The proposal would see graduates earning above £21,000 a year repay their loans to their alma mater, rather than the Treasury. MP David Willets said he had explored the idea with dozens of the UK’s top universities, and asked them to consider whether they would want to buy their students’ loan debts in return for a rise in fees. Both of the prestigious institutions said their teaching methods were putting them out of pocket, and they would require £16,000 in order to pay for teaching students in small groups within the expensive college system. Read Full Article
Later learning enriches the lives of thousands of elderly people. But widespread library closures could spell an end to many of these study groups The mass closure of public libraries is hitting older people and retired people who want to learn and keep their minds active. The sort of learning that goes on in the University of the Third Age (U3A) – the learning that retired people do because they want to do it, not because they need it for their careers – will be worst hit. We know how serious it is because our 250,000 members are telling us. U3A study groups rely on public libraries for source materials. Some older people rely on a nearby library, or a mobile library, that will not be there next year. Many U3A interest groups depend on local libraries for research materials, and more than 30 U3As have told U3A News they are involved in campaigns to save their local libraries. Some 800 public libraries are expected to close around the country, about a fifth of the total Full Article 
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