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Are you a worried parent whose child is finding a particular subject challenging? Or a student preparing for an important exam and looking for an extra boost? A personal tutor is a great way to build confidence, work on problem areas and rediscover a love for the subject.
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Our searchable directory of tutors will connect you directly with a tutor tailored to your needs, and give you the information you need to make an informed choice. Our tutors can provide individually tailored sessions in all academic subjects including maths, English, science, biology, chemistry, physics Languages & Music.
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One-on-one tuition: the most powerful way to learn
Dedicated face-to-face time with a tutor is the most effective way of cracking tough subjects, allowing students to work at their own pace, ask questions and concentrate on the areas they need to. It’s education tailored to their specific needs.
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If you’re a tutor, you can start reaching out to families who need your help today. Create your Tutor Connexions profile for free, list your speciality subjects, set your own prices, and allow students and their parents to find you.

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Tutoring Jobs

Tutor Connexions is currently seeking experienced, tutors to deliver 1-on-1 in-home tutoring in all subjects for students in Primary to further education. Tutoring is typically done during evening and weekend hours at the homes of our students, and is paid at an hourly rate, typically between £10 – £50 per hour.

There is no cost for tutors to Register and build a profile with tutor connexions, you can set your own hourly rate, which you keep 100% and get paid after each session direct from the parents / students.

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Private And Secure

Tutor Connexions strives to provide site users with a safe and secure experience. We respect your privacy and have implemented industry-standard best practices to help keep your personal information safe whenever you use our service.

We use HTTPS encryption on all pages where you submit personal information.

This is a common practice on bank and credit card websites since it keeps your information safe when you use a wireless or non-encrypted network

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Pupil and parent satisfaction is one of our main aims when you use our tutoring serves. If your not happy with a tutor. We will help you find a new tutor in the same subject free of charge.

Pupils learn in various ways, and will respond to various methods of teaching. Picking the tutor who gels with your teenager and who can tailor tutoring sessions to suit their learning desires will mean you get more out of the tutoring sessions.

When you communicate with prospective tutors on our site, inquire about their strategy to tutoring, and what they ‘d suggest for your child’s particular leanring requirements.

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Why Private Tuition

Parents want nothing but the best for their children. When it comes to education, they invest their finances, time, and effort to ensure that their children get quality education. They want them to excel in class and have good grades so that after graduation from high school, they will be able to get into the best universities in the country and eventually use their degrees to build their careers. This is why parents put children in good schools. To help the kids out with their school work, a lot of parents hire tutors for their children.

Why should I use a tutor for my children? You may be thinking that you, parents, are the best tutors of your children.

Common experiences point to the fact that parents are not always the best tutors for their children. In a lot of cases, tutors are more effective in helping children with their school work. Here are four reasons to hire tutors.

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